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Critter Sitters

Your neighborhood pet sitter and service network


Who are we?

We have pets who we did not want to put into boarding. We know that they are happier at home in their own routine and environment and so we created Critter Sitters to match pawrents and sitters in the UAE. 

Services for every Critter

We are building a network of pet sitters and service providers across the United Arab Emirates allowing your critters to stay at home while you are away.

Drop in visits

Whether you are away for a few days or just want you pet checked on while you are at work, we have a local sitter who can pop in and give your critter all the fuss they deserve.

Our rates start from 80 AED per visit, get in touch for a personalised quote.

House sitting

Going away and don't want your furry friends home alone? Sitters can stay in your home to make sure no one gets up to any mischief!

Our rates start from 300 AED per evening/night - we can stay for a few hours or overnight as needed.

Dog walking

Struggling with a busy schedule and could do with a hand with the dog walking? Let one of our experienced sitters take Fido for a walk or a quick comfort break during the summer.

Find a walker

Pet relocation

Time to leave our beautiful country? Get quotes from multiple relocation agents to pick the best for you. Or if you are on a budget take a look at our DIY partner.

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